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Your Guide to Becoming a Grill Master – Grilling for Dummies, Second Edition!

Now updated — your guide to becoming an expert grill master! April 28, 2009 – Are you gearing up to grill? This hands-on guide explains how to purchase, use, and maintain everything from charcoal and gas grills to smokers and rotisseries for your grill. You get the latest on the different types of grills and […]

BAKE UNTIL BUBBLY: A Two-Time James Beard Award Winner Restores the Beloved American Classic Casserole to its Rightful Place at the Center of the Family Table

“Every mom knows that casseroles are the most versatile preparation for the home cook,” writes Clifford A. Wright, the two-time James Beard Award winning cookbook author in BAKE UNTIL BUBBLY: The Ultimate Casserole Cookbook (Wiley Paperback; March 3, 2008; $22.95). Wright, whose passion for casseroles began in his youth with his mother’s lasagna, is a […]