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NOW OR NEVER: Getting Down to the Business of Saving Our American Dream

April 15, 2009In this follow up to his bestselling It’s Getting Ugly Out There, CNN commentator and veteran journalist Jack Cafferty covers the colossal blunders and hypocrisies the Bush administration has perpetrated on the world.  His new book, NOW OR NEVER, explores what Cafferty sees as the colossal mistakes the new Democratic-controlled Congress is making […]

MAN OF THE PEOPLE offers a thoughtful portrait of John McCain – a must-read during the Presidential elections!

Paul Alexander’s MAN OF THE PEOPLE: The Maverick Life and Career of John McCain paints a balanced, thoughtful portrait of the man who may be the next President of the United States. Readers, regardless of their political persuasions, will find MAN OF THE PEOPLE a must-read during a Presidential campaign that will clearly be a watershed in American politics and history.

Former U.S. Attorney David Iglesias tells inside story of Bush administration’s biggest political scandal

September 29, 2008 – The United States Justice Department scandal is not over. Five pending investigations and a historic civil action filed by Congress against the Bush Administration promise to reveal the breadth of the attempt to politicize the federal criminal justice system. The New York Times called it “unfinished business.” Indeed, the Justice Department […]

Video: Matthew Yglesias, Associate Editor at The Atlantic Monthly and author of HEADS IN THE SAND, in an interview with James Kirchick from Washington Blade

Matthew Yglesias, former Associate Editor at The Atlantic Monthly and author of Heads in the Sand: How the Republicans Screw Up Foreign Policy and Foreign Policy Screws Up the Democrats, engages in a stirring debate of current issues in American politics with Jamie Kirchick of Washington Blade.

View the debate at Bloggingheads.tv: http://bloggingheads.tv/diavlogs/12579

Video: Brian McLaren and Richard Land Discuss What Conservatives and Progressives Can Learn From One Another

August 25, 2008 – Brian McLaren, Christian activist and author of A New Kind of Christian, discuss what conservatives and progressives can learn from one another with Richard Land, author of The Divided States of America. Click here to view the discussion: Topics canvased in McLaren’s and Land’s conversation include: America is not as divided […]

Video: Talking Points Memo interviews Matthew Yglesias, author of HEADS IN THE SAND, at Strand Bookstore

July 30, 2008 – Talking Points Memo catches up with Matthew Yglesias, associate editor of The Atlantic Monthly and author of Heads in the Sand, at The Strand bookstore in New York City.

BRAVE NEW WAR Urges Decentralized Economic and Communication Systems as Means to Counter Terrorism

“A fast, thought sparking book.”—New York Times July 22, 2008 – In BRAVE NEW WAR: The Next Stage of Terrorism and the End of Globalization (Wiley, April 2008, $14.95/Paper, ISBN: 978-0-470-26195-8), author John Robb argues that terrorism has become global, and incredibly complex, because it exists inside a social and economic system. Every new technology […]

Matthew Yglesias Argues in HEADS IN THE SAND that a Presidential Candidate’s Worldview Matters More than Policies

“Matt Yglesias is one of the smartest voices in the blogosphere. He knows a lot about politics, a lot about foreign policy, and, crucially, is unusually shrewd in understanding how they interact. Here’s hoping that his new book will introduce him to an even wider audience. Once you discover him, you’ll be hooked.” —E. J. […]

In A THOUSAND HILLS, Stephen Kinzer tells the dramatic story of how Paul Kagame seized power in Rwanda in 1994

“A nuanced portrait of a complex figure in morally ambiguous times.” —Library Journal “This is a fascinating account of the near-miracle unfolding before our very eyes: a country, Rwanda, rising from the ashes of genocide phoenix-like, and its President, Paul Kagame, who is making it happen. This is no hagiography, for he is depicted warts […]

Interview with former U.S. Attorney David Iglesias

John C. Havens of BlogTalkRadio interviews David Iglesias, former U.S. Attorney and author of In Justice: Inside the Scandal that Rocked the Bush Administration. Click here to listen: About In Justice The Bush administration’s drive to politicize the Justice Department reached a new low with the wrongful firing of seven U.S. Attorneys in late 2006. […]

KOFI ANNAN is a Definitive Biography of the Former U.N. Secretary General

“A revealing and timely portrait of a remarkable man who has helped shape the first years of the 21st century.”—David Lamb, author of The Africans Stanley Meisler, foreign affairs correspondent and author of the acclaimed book United Nations: The First Fifty Years, offers his nuanced, uniquely informed, and much-needed perspective in KOFI ANNAN: A Man […]

TRAINWRECK Explores How the Republicans Transformed from the Party of Fiscal Responsibility to the Party of Fiscal Collapse

“Press creates a useful election-year handbook for voters, particularly the Democratic opposition.”—Publishers Weekly Senator John McCain regularly promises that, as president, he and his fellow Republicans would protect liberty, shrink the federal bureaucracy, avoid wishful thinking, and return us to the social values of the past. Does anyone believe that kind of hogwash anymore? The […]