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Surprise! Bruce Tulgan Explains Why NOT EVERYONE GETS A TROPHY is the Best Way to Manage Generation Y

Based on more than a decade of research, Bruce Tulgan’s message is simple: “Generation Y calls for strong leadership, not weak.” NOT EVERYONE GETS A TROPHY is a revolutionary guide to managing Generation Y.


Podcast: (The Cranky Manager Show #172) Be a Shortcut

Wayne Turmel talks to Scott Halford, author of Be A Shortcut: The Secret Fast Track to Business Success (Wiley, December 2008), about careers, being known as “the guy” (even when you’re not), and establishing the kind of reputation at work you want.

TACTICAL TRANSPARENCY Explores How Companies Can Develop Effective Transparency Strategies

TACTICAL TRANSPARENCY: How leaders Can Leverage Social Media to Maximize Value and Build Their Brand (Jossey-Bass, November 2008, $34.95, 978-0-470-29370-6) by Shel Holtz and John C. Havens addresses the needs of managers who are looking to create a transparency strategy for their organization. This book will help managers in any organization develop a unique plan toward bringing greater authenticity to their company and brand.

Podcast: Warren Bennis, author of TRANSPARENCY, discusses how social networking forces executives to practice transparency in their organizations

EnterpriseLeadership.org interviews Warren Bennis, author of Transparency: How Leaders Create a Culture of Candor, about the increasing importance of transparency and trust within organizations during the age of social media.


August 29, 2008 – GETTING IT RIGHT: NOTRE DAME ON LEADERSHIP AND JUDGMENT IN BUSINESS (Jossey-Bass; August 2008: $27.95) by Viva Bartkus and Ed Conlon defines a practical leadership approach based on core Notre Dame values: clarity of thought, tenacity in action, and unwavering values.

The Mary Kay Way by Mary Kay Ash

August 29, 2008 – It was Mary Kay’s goal in 1963 to build an organization dedicated to giving women unlimited opportunities for success. She considered caring and kindness to be the building blocks of a highly motivated workforce—and the forty-five year success story that is Mary Kay Inc. has proven her right. One of the […]

Video: Patrick Lencioni Discusses His New Book, 3 BIG QUESTIONS FOR A FRANTIC FAMILY

August 21, 2008 – Patrick Lencioni, author of The 3 Big Questions for a Frantic Family, discusses the correlation between managing a business and managing a family. View the video here: http://www.tablegroup.com/books/frantic/media/reel.

Bestselling Author of Management and Business Books Turns His Attention to Managing a Family in His New Parenting Fable

August 19, 2008 – Patrick Lencioni, New York Times bestselling author of seven business books focused on organizational health and leadership, is now turning his sights to the most important organization in our lives—the family—in The Three Big Questions for a Frantic Family.  As a husband and father of four young boys, Lencioni realized the […]

Podcast: Chip Conley, CEO of Joie de Vivre Hospitality and author of PEAK, talks with Total Picture Radio

August 11, 2008 – Chip Conley, CEO of Joie de Vivre Hospitality and author of PEAK: How Great Companies Get Their Mojo from Maslow, talks with Peter Clayton of Total Picture Radio.

From the authors of the award winning book, THE LEADERSHIP CHALLENGE, comes THE STUDENT LEADERSHIP CHALLENGE, the most trusted source on becoming a better student leader

After much acclaim, The Leadership Challenge by Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner now extends to students and young adults who aspire to become exemplary leaders in the forthcoming THE STUDENT LEADERSHIP CHALLENGE (published by John Wiley &Sons; ISBN: 9780470177051; September 1, 2008). Kouzes and Posner—today’s premier leadership experts—demonstrate how anyone can be a leader, regardless […]

Events: Michael Gurian, author of LEADERSHIP AND THE SEXES, to Host Webinar

Michael Gurian Leadership and the Sexes: Using Gender Science to Create Success in Business Event: HR that Works Webinar Date: September 11, 2008 at 10:00 a.m.

BUILDING CONFLICT COMPETENT TEAMS provides team members with skills to engage conflict

Successful teams know that conflict is not to be avoided but embraced and explored. In fact, conflict often results in new, previously unimagined opportunities, solutions, and results. In their newest book, experts Craig Runde and Tim Flanagan outline the skills and competencies that help team leaders and members effectively manage and resolve conflict in their […]

Bestselling Author Patrick Lencioni Marks 10th Anniversary of THE FIVE TEMPTATIONS OF A CEO with Commemorative Edition

June 30, 2008—Since it was first introduced in 1998, best-selling author and CEO of The Table Group, Patrick Lencioni’s The Five Temptations of a CEO, has reached countless readers around the globe through its timeless and powerful reminders about successful leadership. The lessons outlined in the fable are as relevant today as ever, and a […]

Interview with Marty Brounstein, author of COMMUNICATING EFFECTIVELY FOR DUMMIES

John C. Havens of BlogTalkRadio interviews Marty Brounstein, author of numerous books for John Wiley & Sons, including Wiley Pathways Business Communication and Communicating Effectively for Dummiess. Click here to listen:

Interview with Marty Brounstein, author of COACHING & MENTORING FOR DUMMIES

John C. Havens of BlogTalkRadio interviews Marty Brounstein, author of numerous books for John Wiley & Sons, including Coaching & Mentoring For Dummies. Click here to listen: