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Wiley Brings to Market New Apple Guides

October 31, 2008 — John Wiley & Sons, Inc. is offering a new series of titles to support Mac hardware and software called Portable Genius. Mac users tend to be passionate and loyal and these books capture that same feeling in pedagogy and series style. Titles in the Portable Genius series are not comprehensive; instead […]

Frommer’s Travel Guides Now Available on Apple iPhone® and iPod® Touch

August 11, 2008 – Modality, the leader in transforming premium, branded learning and lifestyle content for personal handheld media players, has begun releasing Frommer’s® Travel Guides for iPhone® and iPod® Touch. Frommer’s® is the market leader in travel guides, and a branded imprint of Wiley Publishing, Inc, helping novice and world-class travelers navigate their journeys […]

Maximize Mobile Internet Service with MOBILE INTERNET FOR DUMMIES

Consumers can now access the internet from any mobile device on any wireless network using expert information written in everyday language July 30, 2008 — With the advent of the Apple iPhone, more and more people are becoming interested in the possibilities of the mobile Internet. What “on the go” people may not realize is […]

Wiley Brings to Market iPhone 3G Support

July 29, 2008 – With its broadband wireless connectivity, enterprise support, and built-in GPS, the new iPhone 3G is already a huge success, with 1 million phones sold in the first week.”It’s cheaper, faster and a lot friendlier for business. Apple’s blockbuster smartphone already had nifty features such as visual voicemail, a splendid built-in video […]