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“New York’s lifeblood is its landmarks–its historic neighborhoods, its incomparable buildings, its distinctive streets. This book will guide you through the extraordinary places that make New York New York.” –Paul Goldberger, Architecture critic, The New Yorker “This vital book will not only offer interesting information and insights on New York City’s 90 historic districts, 1,181 […]

Frommer’s and Borders Team Up to Revolutionize the Art of Travel Planning

Customers at Borders stores will soon have an exciting travel planning tool literally at their fingertips. Frommer’s, the publisher of the best-selling travel guidebooks, has created the ‘Borders Trip Recommender’ for Borders’ new Travel Kiosk. The kiosk, which will feature a touch-screen display unit, has been installed in Borders’ concept store in Ann Arbor, Mich. […]