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Video: Brain Based Education – Fad or Breakthrough?

WHY DON’T STUDENTS LIKE SCHOOL? by Daniel Willingham explains when and how neuroscience can inform education.


ASD advocate Robert Parish discusses EMBRACING AUTISM

April 10, 2009 – ASD advocate Robert Parish challenges the view that autism is a “disorder” in his book Embracing Autism: Connecting and Communicating with Children in the Autism Spectrum (Jossey-Bass; 978-0-7879-9586-7; $24.95). Rather, Parish argues that interacting with children and adults with autism is both life enhancing and mind opening. Listen to Robert Parish […]

Why Don’t Students Like School?

March 16, 2009 – “I hate school, and I’m not going back!” Have you ever heard that from your child? Lots of teachers and parents do. Initiatives like “No Child Left Behind” leave teachers feeling burdened to teach to the test while neglecting the true needs of students. What teachers need is more information on […]

Education Week’s GUIDE TO K-12 TERMINOLOGY demystifies the unique vocabulary of learning

A must-have glossary for anyone working in K-12 Education March 16, 2009 – See if you know the meaning of the following terms: (1) labeling theory; (2) dysgraphia; (3) basal readers. Having trouble? You’re not alone. These are just some of the new terms of teaching today. Education has its own lexicon, and much of […]

Successful Single-Sex Classrooms: A Practical Guide to Teaching Boys and Girls Separately

“We know that not every child learns the same way. Some children learn better in a classroom surrounded by all boys or all girls….We want to provide all of these education options and more.” – Arne Duncan, U.S. Secretary of Education March 16, 2009 – Why do so many action movies, such as the box […]

Tools for Teaching, 2nd Edition By Barbara Gross Davis

Jossey Bass’s second best selling Higher Education title releases new edition January 26 , 2009 – San Francisco, CA – Elected on a platform of change, President Obama has pledged investment in higher education and many educators are hopeful. Yet with an anticipated 50% professor turnover within the next 10 years, it is clear that […]

A PARENT’S GUIDE TO TUTORS AND TUTORING:How to Support the Unique Needs of Your Child

 Tutoring has become an astounding $4 billion dollar industry. And its rise in popularity has incited additional pressure and stress on parents to raise academically competitive children. With so many options to pursue, parents need expert advice to understand the right path for empowering their child to succeed. A PARENT’S GUIDE TO TUTORS AND TUTORING: […]

From the Doctors and Experts at WebMD: Webster’s New World® Medical Dictionary, 3rd Edition

August 18, 2008 – Webster’s New World today announced the release of Webster’s New World Medical Dictionary, 3rd Edition. As Americans are increasingly taking a more active role in their health care and seeking out reliable sources of health information, the dictionary provides a helpful, trusted health reference for consumers. The language and terminology in […]


August 14, 2008 – For better or for worse, everyone needs to conquer Shakespeare at some point. With Shakespeare: The Manga Edition students, teachers, and scholars alike can have more fun studying the Bard than ever before! Dreams and schemes! Alliances and betrayals! Murder and mayhem! Passions and poisons! Shakespeare has it all, and now […]

Let CliffsNotes.com® Help You Get Ready for Back-To-School

August 14, 2008 – Although the lazy days of summer are upon us, succumbing to the mid-summer brain drain (that inevitable learning loss that comes with the lack of educational activities), as featured on “The Today Show,” will only hold students back from getting that much needed leg up on the competition. With college admissions […]

Video: Bob Wise, Former West Virginia Governor and Author of RAISING THE GRADE, Appears at the Beijing Olympics to Evaluate American Students’ Academic Performance

August 8, 2008 – Bob Wise, president of the Alliance for Excellent Education, former governor of West Virginia, and author of Raising the Grade: How High School Reform Can Save Our Youth and Our Nation, appears in front of the Bird’s Nest Stadium in Beijing, China to compare the performances of U.S. athletes at the […]

Video: Bob Wise, Former West Virginia Governor and Author of RAISING THE GRADE, Discusses Education Reform with Kitty Pilgrim on Lou Dobbs Tonight

August 8, 2008 – Bob Wise, former West Virginia Governor and author of Raising the Grade: How High School Reform Can Save Our Youth and Our Nation, joins Kitty Pilgrim on CNN’s Lou Dobbs Tonight to discuss the U.S. education system. Click here to view the interview:

7 Ways to Reinvest in Children – Our Most Valuable National Resource – and Reclaim Our Place in the World

America’s slide in world prominence is causing a national malaise; we grow more anxiety-ridden and worried about our futures by the day. Tom Bloch, the former CEO of H&R Block who left his corporate career to become an inner city teacher, says we need to stop the negativity and start getting serious about the education […]

Video: Former CEO Tom Bloch Talks to KNBC About How He Found His Life Passion as a Teacher

July 31, 2008 – Are you happy with your job? Or do you leave work everyday wishing for something more fulfilling? Tom Bloch used to be CEO of H&R Block, where he made about $1 million a year. Now he teaches at University Academy, a charter school he started to give marginalized Kansas City children […]

From the authors of the award winning book, THE LEADERSHIP CHALLENGE, comes THE STUDENT LEADERSHIP CHALLENGE, the most trusted source on becoming a better student leader

After much acclaim, The Leadership Challenge by Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner now extends to students and young adults who aspire to become exemplary leaders in the forthcoming THE STUDENT LEADERSHIP CHALLENGE (published by John Wiley &Sons; ISBN: 9780470177051; September 1, 2008). Kouzes and Posner—today’s premier leadership experts—demonstrate how anyone can be a leader, regardless […]