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NO MORE TAKEOUT! A Visual Do-It-Yourself Guide to Cooking

 May 5, 2009 — Even the best take-out food gets boring after a while—not to mention expensive. But how can a culinary neophyte develop the necessary kitchen skills to become an accomplished home cook? In NO MORE TAKEOUT!: A Visual Do-It-Yourself Guide to Cooking (Wiley Hardcover; $25; May 4, 2009) authors Stephen Hartigan and Jerry […]

New Cookbooks for Spring and Summer from Wiley & Better Homes and Gardens

 Grillin’ and Chillin’ Fresh and Easy Meals Budget Meals: Save Big $$$ With Smart Ways to Shop and Efficient Ways to Cook    Better Homes and Gardens® Grillin’ and Chillin’ by Better Homes and Gardens (Wiley Paperback; $12.95; April 2009) Put on your apron and pull out the tongs-it’s time to fire up the grill! […]

Great Party Fondues – Truly the perfect party food!

September 22, 2008 — Easy to make and serve, fun for guests to share, and of course, always great tasting, fondue is truly the perfect party food! In GREAT PARTY FONDUES (Wiley Hardcover; September 23, 2008; $16.95), Peggy Fallon covers everything the home cook needs to know about making and serving fondue. The simple, no-fuss […]

Frozen Desserts

September 17, 2008 – Frozen desserts play an integral role on the dessert menu of any highly regarded restaurant, and have been steadily rising in popularity over the last decade. It is therefore essential for any serious pastry chef to have a thorough knowledge and understanding of frozen dessert production. Now comes the definitive and […]

INTERNATIONAL CUISINE explores countries and regions, cultures, and ingredients, and describes the crucial role they play in different world cuisines

June 18, 2008 – In light of the importance of increased globalization, the need for a comprehensive guide to the many varied cuisines of the world is more important than ever. INTERNATIONAL CUISINE (Wiley Hardcover; August 4, 2008; $45.00) by The International Culinary SchoolsSM at The Art Institutes serves as a window for students, professional […]

SO YOU WANT TO BE A CHEF?: Your Guide to Culinary Careers, 2nd Edition

The National Restaurant Association estimates that the restaurant industry is the nation’s largest employer outside of government, employing approximately 12.5 million people. SO YOU WANT TO BE A CHEF? 2nd Edition (Wiley Paperback; June 27, 2008; $35.00) by authors Lisa M. Brefere, Karen Eich Drummond, and Brad Barnes is the only book providing comprehensive, real-world […]

RECIPE OF THE WEEK: ICE CREAM offers 52 easy recipes for the perfect summer treat

Everyone’s favorite frozen treat has gone gourmet. In Sally Sampson’s latest title, RECIPE OF THE WEEK: ICE CREAM (Wiley; $16.95; May 2008; Paperback), ice cream lovers everywhere will find their favorite flavor. Sampson’s book is an ice cream, sorbet, and gelato dream, full of creative and inventive recipes. RECIPE OF THE WEEK: ICE CREAM turns […]

BACKSTAGE WITH JULIA—the perfect beach read, now out in paperback!

“… [A] delightful and sprightly backstage look at life with Child” — Publishers Weekly “Backstage with Julia is packed with endearing anecdotes” — The New York Times Book Review “Who knows at what precise moment in those first few years Julia and I went from being colleagues to friends? I don’t and doubt that she […]

VEGETARIAN TIMES FAST & EASY is an indispensible guide to the vegetarian kitchen

Quick, delicious and healthful recipes—your busy life demands them. Now, whether it’s packing school lunches, cooking for a dinner party, or preparing a quick family meal, VEGETARIAN TIMES FAST AND EASY: Great Food You Can Make in Minutes (Wiley; $19.95; April 28, 2008; Paper), is sure to become the indispensible guide for fast and easy […]

James Beard Award Winning Carol Gelles publishes 100 BEST VEGETARIAN RECIPES

More than a decade ago, Carol Gelles won the Julia Child and James Beard Awards for her classic book, 1,000 Vegetarian Recipes – a book that became an indispensable reference in the world of vegetarian cooking. Now, with 100 BEST VEGETARIAN RECIPES is perfect for vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. Gelles’ recipes include comfort food classics […]

101 SANGRIAS & PITCHER DRINKS brings cocktail lovers innovative & refreshing new flavors

“Warm Mediterranean breezes, clear azure waters, the blood red color of wine-based libations or spirits mixed with fresh fruit…what could be better?” writes Kim Haasarud. “Welcome to the wonderful world of sangrias and punches, those festive drinks for good times with great friends.” Haasarud, The Liquid Chef™ and author of the popular 101 Margaritas (Wiley; […]

RECIPE OF THE WEEK: BURGER provides 52 easy, succulent recipes for the all-American meal

“Like great art, burgers were a natural idea that sprung up independently all over the world,” writes Sally Sampson. “And in the end, although most countries have their own versions, there are few foods, save apple pie, that are quite so completely and thoroughly American.” Burgers never seem to go out of style. They are […]

SAM THE COOKING GUY serves up over 125 simple, great-tasting recipes, with a healthy side of humor

Sam Zien is not a chef. He’ll be the first to admit it. He’s just a regular guy who cooks in his home with his family, his dogs, and his neighbors around – just like the rest of us. His first cookbook, SAM THE COOKING GUY: Just a Bunch of Recipes (Wiley Paperback; March 31, […]

PROFESSIONAL BAKING, Fifth Edition gives professional and home bakers peerless up-to-date coverage of the theory and practice of baking

Interest in fine baking has been on the rise, with artisan bakeries springing up everywhere – along barely traveled country roads and inside jam-packed supermarkets. “Professionals as well as enthusiastic amateurs and even some consumers are looking for more detailed information about the technical aspects of baking,” writes baking expert Wayne Gisslen, and in his […]

BAKE UNTIL BUBBLY: A Two-Time James Beard Award Winner Restores the Beloved American Classic Casserole to its Rightful Place at the Center of the Family Table

“Every mom knows that casseroles are the most versatile preparation for the home cook,” writes Clifford A. Wright, the two-time James Beard Award winning cookbook author in BAKE UNTIL BUBBLY: The Ultimate Casserole Cookbook (Wiley Paperback; March 3, 2008; $22.95). Wright, whose passion for casseroles began in his youth with his mother’s lasagna, is a […]