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The Big Thaw: Veteran Journalists Travels Through the Melting North and Chronicles the Widespread Effects of Global Warming

Climate change’s effects are reshaping the Arctic profoundly. As the ice melts, permafrost thaws, sea levels rise, and polar storms pick up steam. Animal habitats are disappearing and natives are seeing their way of life threatened. Meanwhile, the receding ice is opening up invaluable shipping routes and access to remarkable troves of natural resources — with nations arguing over who owns what.

For over a year, Struzik traveled on eleven trips throughout Alaska, Canada’s Arctic territories, and Greenland to document this rapidly changing world. The veteran journalist gained unprecedented access to scientific expeditions, native communities, as well as security and sovereignty experts. THE BIG THAW details Struzik’s observations of receding glaciers, dwindling herds, and invading species symptomatic of a world in decline.