To request permission to use material from a Wiley title you may submit your request in writing, via fax at (201) 748-6008, conventional mail (John Wiley & Sons, Inc., Permissions Department, 111 River Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030-5774), or online by completing the appropriate form below. It will take approximately 4-6 weeks to process your request.

Print & E-Coursepack Use

If you want permission to photocopy excerpts of Wiley books and journals, or want simultaneous print and e-coursepack use, you should submit your request directly to the Copyright Clearance Center Inc. at

You may apply directly to us for permission to photocopy our content or use our content in an electronic format in an educational course, in the following instances:

  • If the content is from the adopted (required) book, or an ancillary to that book
  • If you’re an instructor/professor who has adopted (required) a book for your course, and the book will not arrive before the start of your semester
  • If your institution is outside the United States
  • If you are a Wiley author

Please fill out the Educational Request Form.

E-Files for Visually Impaired Students

If you are a student with a visual and/or learning disability, as outlined by the state in which you are studying, and enrolled in a course where a Wiley book is adopted, you are eligible to receive an E-File as a substitute for the traditional print version of the book. To request an E-File, have the disability center at the institution where you are e nrolled submit a signed E-File Statement (with assurances), to:

John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
Permissions Department
111 River Street
Mail Stop 4-02
Hoboken, NJ 07030
Fax: 201-748-6008

E-Files will be delivered by Wiley’s Production Information Department in an e-mail attachment, as a download from Wiley’s FTP site, or on CD-ROM. You may choose to receive your E-file in PDF, Microsoft Word or ASCI text as necessary. A limited number of Wiley titles are available in HTML or XML.

If you have not received your E-file for the requested title(s) within 21 business days of your submission, please contact Dominick Mosco at (201) 748-8634.

If you require an audio version of your text instead of an E-File, you should contact Recording for the Blind & Dyslexic. If Recording for the Blind & Dyslexic does not currently have the title you are requesting available in audio format, or if you require a large-print or Braille version of your text, please contact the Permissions Department at the above address for a license to have an audio, large-print, or Braille edition of the title made by your school.

Contact information for disability requests from other publishers may be found at the new AAP website:

Republication/Electronic Use

To republish Wiley book or journal excerpts (including tables and figures) in print products — or use Wiley book excerpts in multimedia channels, including posting on Websites — please fill out the Republication/Electronic Request Form.

Subsidiary Rights Licenses
Print and/or Electronic Rights to Cochrane Library Materials
To obtain permission to reuse material from the Cochrane Library please complete the attached PDF form, and submit it to John Wiley & Sons, Ltd. at the address indicated on the form.

Electronic Rights to Wiley Book Products
Veronika Yefremenko
Fax: (201) 748-6019

Foreign Language Translation Rights
If you would like information about foreign language translation rights, refer to the appropriate contact below:

Foreign Language Translation, Serial, Audio, TV, Film, and Book Club Rights
Michael Gawley
Fax: (201) 748-6019

All Chinese, Korean, and South East Asian Language Rights
Winnie Sung
Fax: 65-6464-6912

Journal Reprints
Single Reprints of Wiley, Wiley-Liss, Jossey-Bass, Pfeiffer, Wiley-UK & Wiley-VCH Journal Articles
Wiley InterScience Pay-Per-View
Fax: (201) 748-8789

Bulk Reprints of U.S. Journal Articles
Gale Krouser
Fax: (201) 748-6326

Bulk Reprints of UK Journal Articles
June Cordero
John Wiley & Sons Ltd.
Fax: 44-1243-770351

Bulk Reprints of VCH Journal Articles
Martina Blum
Fax: 490-6201-606505

Site Licenses

United States

Higher Education Titles
Kathy Zhang
Fax: (201) 748-6637

Professional & Trade Titles
Nancy Ziser
Fax: (201) 748-6019

Scientific, Technical & Medical (STM) Titles
Christopher McKenzie

Modern Language Audio Tapes
Jennifer Mendoza
Tel: (201) 748-5695


Larissa Whiteside
Tel: 61 7 38599631

Europe (excluding the United Kingdom)

Scott Smith
Tel: 44-1243-770441


Janis Soo
Tel: 65-6-4604-281

United Kingdom

Higher Education Titles
Tom Procter
Tel: 44-1243-770273

Scientific, Technical & Medical (STM) and Professional & Trade Titles
Diana Butterly
Tel: 44-1243-770273

For additional permissions information, visit our collection of internet resources.

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