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New Global Wiley Press Room Launches!

October 2, 2009 – The new global Wiley Press Room has launched. To continue receiving the latest news from Wiley, please visit:

Pfeiffer & Jossey-Bass to Host Leadership Challenge Forum 2009

July 9, 2009 – Pfeiffer and Jossey-Bass, Imprints of John Wiley & Sons, Inc. will host the second-annual Leadership Challenge Forum, August 6-7th at The Renaissance Chicago Hotel in Chicago, IL. As we hear in the news everyday about another company folding, there is a call for strong leaders during tough economic times. Authors James […]

The Total Teacher, Book and Planner

An All-in-One System that Gets You Organized, Empowered, and Inspired to Teach Your Best The “Franklin-Covey” of organization systems for teachers June 26, 2009 – As a teacher, do you find yourself staring at all those piles of papers on your desk and wishing they would just disappear? If so, perhaps it’s time to get […]

Video: Brain Based Education – Fad or Breakthrough?

WHY DON’T STUDENTS LIKE SCHOOL? by Daniel Willingham explains when and how neuroscience can inform education.

Video: Learning Styles Don’t Exist, According to Professor Daniel Willingham

Professor Daniel Willingham describes research showing that the concept that different students have different ways of learning, and therefore need to be taught differently, is false. describes research showing that the concept that different students have different ways of learning, and therefore need to be taught differently, is false.

ASD advocate Robert Parish discusses EMBRACING AUTISM

April 10, 2009 – ASD advocate Robert Parish challenges the view that autism is a “disorder” in his book Embracing Autism: Connecting and Communicating with Children in the Autism Spectrum (Jossey-Bass; 978-0-7879-9586-7; $24.95). Rather, Parish argues that interacting with children and adults with autism is both life enhancing and mind opening. Listen to Robert Parish […]

Handbook for Developing Emotional and Social Intelligence: Best Practices, Case Studies and Strategies

A guide to emotional and social intelligence for today’s tumultuous workplace April 7, 2009 – The current economic downturn has created a pessimistic business climate. Such an environment breeds uncertainty and anxiety, particularly about job security. This dismal climate demonstrates the increasing need for social and emotional intelligence in the workplace, which has shown to […]

Why Don’t Students Like School?

March 16, 2009 – “I hate school, and I’m not going back!” Have you ever heard that from your child? Lots of teachers and parents do. Initiatives like “No Child Left Behind” leave teachers feeling burdened to teach to the test while neglecting the true needs of students. What teachers need is more information on […]

Education Week’s GUIDE TO K-12 TERMINOLOGY demystifies the unique vocabulary of learning

A must-have glossary for anyone working in K-12 Education March 16, 2009 – See if you know the meaning of the following terms: (1) labeling theory; (2) dysgraphia; (3) basal readers. Having trouble? You’re not alone. These are just some of the new terms of teaching today. Education has its own lexicon, and much of […]

How to teach children to love reading

March 16, 2009 – Known for her popular blog, The Book Whisperer, Donalyn Miller is an experienced and passionate teacher who has been creating lifelong readers in her classroom for years. In her upcoming book, The Book Whisperer: Awakening the Inner Reader in Every Child, Miller rejects more traditional reading instruction, like book reports and […]

Successful Single-Sex Classrooms: A Practical Guide to Teaching Boys and Girls Separately

“We know that not every child learns the same way. Some children learn better in a classroom surrounded by all boys or all girls….We want to provide all of these education options and more.” – Arne Duncan, U.S. Secretary of Education March 16, 2009 – Why do so many action movies, such as the box […]

Education Week Presents First Guide to Obama Administration’s Education Plan

THE OBAMA EDUCATION PLAN: AN EDUCATION WEEK GUIDE begins with major points of the President’s education goals–starting from preschool all the way through college. Each chapter provides a brief summary of the issue and lists Obama’s major plans for change as stated by his campaign.

Tools for Teaching, 2nd Edition By Barbara Gross Davis

Jossey Bass’s second best selling Higher Education title releases new edition January 26 , 2009 – San Francisco, CA – Elected on a platform of change, President Obama has pledged investment in higher education and many educators are hopeful. Yet with an anticipated 50% professor turnover within the next 10 years, it is clear that […]

CliffsNotes® AP Flashcards Help Students to Save Valuable Study Time

December 10, 2008 – For students preparing for the May 2009 AP exams and for those looking to brush up on certain subjects, CliffsNotes®-the most widely recognized brand of study guides-now offers flashcards both in bookstores and on-line at CliffsNotes AP Flashcards make it easier for students to save time and energy while memorizing […]

A PARENT’S GUIDE TO TUTORS AND TUTORING:How to Support the Unique Needs of Your Child

 Tutoring has become an astounding $4 billion dollar industry. And its rise in popularity has incited additional pressure and stress on parents to raise academically competitive children. With so many options to pursue, parents need expert advice to understand the right path for empowering their child to succeed. A PARENT’S GUIDE TO TUTORS AND TUTORING: […]