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Sticks and Stones Redefines Reputation and Influence in the Digital Age

STICKS AND STONES is a practical guide to shaping both individual, small business and corporate reputation; where and what to talk about on the web; how to respond to online attacks and crises; and how to organize for success. Weber also discusses the implications of the You Tube explosion and the reputation lessons learned from the Obama campaign.

Ask and You Will Succeed Provides Solutions to Those Dishearted By Economic Hardship

ASK AND YOU WILL SUCCEED by Ken Foster is a breath of fresh air in a marketplace crowded with advice on what to believe and how to live. Filled with powerful questions that invite you to listen to your inner voice and tap into the strength you need to Increase Insight and Wisdom, Unearth Your Truest Desires, Define Your Ultimate Vision, Discover Your True Purpose, Accelerate Your Pace of Success, and create a Rich Life, this Number 1 best seller makes you the final authority in your own life—not outside forces you can’t control.

Get the Job You Want, Even When No One’s Hiring

In GET THE JOB YOU WANT, Ford Myers does not shy away from unconventional strategies, such as pointing out that your resume is your least important tool, and that networking isn’t just part of your job search, networking is your job search. “Great networkers are not great talkers, but great listeners,” he explains. Even more surprising: when no one’s hiring, the best way to get a job is not to look for a job.

Ed Struzik Travels in the Melting North

For over a year, Struzik traveled on eleven trips throughout Alaska, Canada’s Arctic territories, and Greenland to document this rapidly changing world. The veteran journalist gained unprecedented access to scientific expeditions, native communities, as well as security and sovereignty experts. THE BIG THAW details Struzik’s observations of receding glaciers, dwindling herds, and invading species symptomatic of a world in decline.

Struzik goes into the field with the world’s leading polar bear scientist, skis on melting glaciers with glaciologists, travels the Northwest Passage on an aging icebreaker, and stalks a carnivorous rogue walrus with an Inuit hunter. His journeys bring him up close to some of the world’s most unique animals, from the iconic polar bear to the mysterious narwhal to the prehistoric-looking muskox.

Instant Interviews Outlines 101 Ways to Get Interviews, Even in Dire Economy

A rollercoaster economy, changes in job requirements, displacement of more affluent workers, and the inability of the average person to control their career, make the job hunting environment in 2009 the most difficult in a generation – unless you have the tips and techniques that Allen outlines in INSTANT INTERVIEWS. These include everything from making and taking the “Instant Interview Magic Potion” ( a delicious, interview-getting smoothie), what to wear, where to go, when to get there, how to greet, what to say, how to generate offers, how to choose among the many offers, how to auction yourself off to the highest bidder, and dozens of other revolutionary strategies that work – instantly!

The Think Big Revolution Starts with a Manifesto

THE THINK BIG MANIFESTO is the book that answers our need to improve ourselves and our world. It is the roadmap to each individual’s personal revolution from small thinking to big thinking. The book is at once practical and inspirational, and considering the economic conditions that have been thrust upon us, it could provide us all with a much needed program for getting us out of this mess.

Danger! Toxic Workplace Ahead!

Control freaks, narcissists, manipulators, and bullies. It takes all kinds, they say, but can your organization afford to employ such toxic personalities? Like a disease, these employees spread negativity throughout the workplace, decreasing productivity and increasing turnover. Getting rid of them isn’t as easy as declaring “you’re fired”—in the office or the boardroom. Often clever chameleons, who often “kiss up” and “kick down”, they know how and when to disguise their infectiously bad natures. TOXIC WORKPLACE! Managing Toxic Personalities and Their Systems of Power (Jossey-Bass; April 2009; $27.95) by Mitchell Kusy and Elizabeth Halloway teaches you how to identify these parasites in your organization and cure them once and for all.

Stop Playing Games at Work! How to Recognize and Reduce Office Politics

Corporate game playing has proliferated as never before, a response to highly stressful work environments and job uncertainty in a downward economy. Games offer people escape, excuses for sub-standard performance, and short cuts to deal with demanding bosses and volatile environments. Organizations must confront and neutralize these games rather than allow them to spiral out of control.

GAMES AT WORK: How to Recognize and Reduce Office Politics (Jossey-Bass; $24.95; April 2009) by Mauricio Goldstein and Phillip Read gives managers the tools to “diagnose” the games that people play in their company, and then to free people’s energy for more productive purposes, thus minimizing the damage to both the bottom line and the company dynamics.

Celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the Bed-in for Peace in Montreal with a New Book of Unseen Bed-In for Peace Photos of John Lennon and Yoko Ono from Life Photographer Gerry Deiter

GIVE PEACE A CHANCE: JOHN & YOKO’S BED-IN FOR PEACE (Wiley, $24.95; April 2009), presents more than 80 photographs by renowned Life magazine photographer Gerry Deiter, many of which have never been published before.

The large format book captures candid shots of Tommy Smothers, Timothy Leary and his wife Rosemary, New York writer and jazz critic Nat Hentoff, pioneering New York DJ Murray The K, and the aggressive hostility of right-wing cartoonist Al Capp. Personal recollections include journalist Alison Gordon, rock entrepreneur Donald Tarlton (aka “Donald K. Donald”), record producer André Perry, DJ Chuck Chandler, Crawdaddy! rock writer Paul Williams and Capitol Records’ Richard Glanville-Brown.

Manufacturing Insider Exposes the Problems in the China Production Game

Poorly Made in China by Paul Midler offers constructive reflections on the world’s most dynamic economy. The book provides a unique look at the rough-and-tumble environment in which so many of our consumer products are made. This narrative takes the reader on a romp through a number of manufacturing sectors; part business book, part comedy, the book pulls back the curtain on China manufacturing to reveal the folly of producing consumer goods on the other side of the planet.

The Big Thaw: Veteran Journalists Travels Through the Melting North and Chronicles the Widespread Effects of Global Warming

Climate change’s effects are reshaping the Arctic profoundly. As the ice melts, permafrost thaws, sea levels rise, and polar storms pick up steam. Animal habitats are disappearing and natives are seeing their way of life threatened. Meanwhile, the receding ice is opening up invaluable shipping routes and access to remarkable troves of natural resources — with nations arguing over who owns what.

For over a year, Struzik traveled on eleven trips throughout Alaska, Canada’s Arctic territories, and Greenland to document this rapidly changing world. The veteran journalist gained unprecedented access to scientific expeditions, native communities, as well as security and sovereignty experts. THE BIG THAW details Struzik’s observations of receding glaciers, dwindling herds, and invading species symptomatic of a world in decline.

How Entrepreneurs and Conscious Capitalists Can Solve All the World’s Problems: Be the Solution

Every day, the news feeds us stories about the dark sides of capitalism. What if the distinction between business and doing good vanished? What if all those who engaged in business were committed to a deeper purpose, and all those committed to doing good were entrepreneurial and enterprising? What would it take for a world of seven billion such people to solve all the world’s problems?

Be the Solution is a manifesto to conscious capitalism–how it works and what it takes to make it happen–which will inspire everyone who reads it to liberate their spirit to the cause of social entrepreneurism.

Take This Job and Love It: Why the Authors of UNDRESS FOR SUCCESS Take the Road Less Travelled to Work

In addition to providing this comprehensive guide on how to earn a living as a home-based employee, the authors of UNDRESS FOR SUCCESS make a compelling case that a strong national telework program would save individuals, companies, and communities billions of dollars, while increasing U.S. productivity by over $200 billion per year, and much more.

Surprise! Bruce Tulgan Explains Why NOT EVERYONE GETS A TROPHY is the Best Way to Manage Generation Y

Based on more than a decade of research, Bruce Tulgan’s message is simple: “Generation Y calls for strong leadership, not weak.” NOT EVERYONE GETS A TROPHY is a revolutionary guide to managing Generation Y.

Popular Marketing Author David Meerman Scott Shares Secrets of the Most Powerful Marketing Tool Available in a WORLD WIDE RAVE

A World Wide Rave is when thousands of people are talking about your or your company because they want to, not because they were coerced or tricked. How do you create one? You might know a little about part of the answer: blogs, links, YouTube, Facebook and viral videos. But even the most tech-savvy marketer won’t get any mileage out of these online tools if they don’t craft the right content to trigger conversations that can spread to millions.