Ask and You Will Succeed Provides Solutions to Those Dishearted By Economic Hardship

Ask and SucceedAuthor Ken Foster Presents Life-Changing Questions that Make Reader Focus on Success, Steering Away from Failure and Adversity

Acclaimed Book Ask and You Will Succeed Provides Solutions to Those Dishearted By Economic Hardship

July 8, 2009 — If you’ve recently struggled with the painful new realities presented by these difficult economic times—lost a job, are in danger of losing your home, had trouble paying the bills—then there’s a compelling book that will re-inspire you and ignite your renewed personal and financial success.

ASK AND YOU WILL SUCCEED by Ken Foster is a breath of fresh air in a marketplace crowded with advice on what to believe and how to live. Filled with powerful questions that invite you to listen to your inner voice and tap into the strength you need to Increase Insight and Wisdom, Unearth Your Truest Desires, Define Your Ultimate Vision, Discover Your True Purpose, Accelerate Your Pace of Success, and create a Rich Life, this Number 1 best seller makes you the final authority in your own life—not outside forces you can’t control.

Packed with thought-provoking questions related to the creative laws of success, ASK AND YOU WILL SUCCEED shatters the myth that your success depends on the advice, hard work, or ambition of others. Instead, Foster presents life-changing questions that—when answered by you—will help you define and attain success in every area of your life.

By utilizing the questions in this book, you’ll uncover the true nature of your own mind. If you ask the right questions and do the work, you’ll find that prosperous thinking flows into every aspect of your life effortlessly, relieving you of the stressful, negative thoughts that block your creativity and halt your drive for success.

For those who undertake to answer these questions, the prize can be a sudden and distinct increase in wealth, the opening of new career opportunities, the definition of one’s ultimate vision, or lasting happiness in relationships.

ASK AND YOU WILL SUCCEED is the result Foster’s lifetime of work helping people transfer their attention from failure to success, worry to calm, distraction to concentration, restlessness to peace, and negativity to positivity.

Foster is a visionary, an international speaker and Founder of Premier Coaching. As a master coach, he is an acclaimed expert in the science of human excellence with in-depth knowledge in creating sustainable balance, fulfillment and overall personal and business success.

“When you ask yourself the key questions in this book, you’ll grow from mastering tasks to mastering yourself—and begin a journey to unlimited wealth and unending success. Most of us spend our lives asking the wrong questions and getting nowhere,” says Foster. “Ask and You Will Succeed gives you a new perspective on what you can accomplish when you ask the right questions.”

When you change the questions you ask, he says, there’s no limit to what you can do:

  • Fulfill your biggest dreams
  • Unlock your hidden creativity
  • Master Self Discipline
  • Improve Your Sense of Inner Peace
  • Create Unending Success
  • Realize Your Full Potential

Foster believes that ASK AND YOU WILL SUCCEED –developed from eight years of intensive research and experience working with thousands of people– is a vital and timely resource for those individuals who are ready to let go of the struggle and refocus on the abundance and opportunity available for each person, even in a time of perceived global financial stress and downturn.

Ken Foster Author Photo “Many people today are going through unprecedented change and transformation. We are witnessing company closings, job layoffs, and downsizing, not seen in recent times. It is affecting all areas of people’s lives,” says Foster. “In order to create EFFECTIVE results, we need to understand the unprecedented degree of CHANGE that is now happening and develop new ways of working that harnesses these changes to obtain an advantage. People are hungry for a book that offers them the kinds of questions that ultimately can instigate change in their life. This book helps readers do just that.”

Notes Mark Victor Hansen, co-creator of the #1 New York Times bestselling series Chicken Soup for the Soul, and coauthor of The One Minute Millionaire: “I love this book! Your ability to ask the right questions is perhaps the most important single quality of great success and achievement. This book gives you a series of simple yet powerful questions you can ask to build your courage, tenacity, and resilience to the point where you can achieve any goal you set for yourself.”

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Ask and You Will Succeed: 1001 Extraordinary Questions to Create Life-Changing Results, Revised and Updated
By Ken D. Foster

Wiley; July 2009; $24.95
978-0-470-45593-7; Hardcover
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