“New York’s lifeblood is its landmarks–its historic neighborhoods, its incomparable buildings, its distinctive streets. This book will guide you through the extraordinary places that make New York New York.”
–Paul Goldberger, Architecture critic, The New Yorker

“This vital book will not only offer interesting information and insights on New York City’s 90 historic districts, 1,181 freestanding landmarks, 110 interior landmarks and 9 scenic landmarks, but it will also show you how to find them and now to make the most of your visits to them. It’s a neighborhood guidebook, a history book, and an art and architecture book rolled into one.
–From the Foreword by Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg

Guide to New York City Landmarks, 4E December 18, 2008 – At a time of unprecedented building construction and development in New York City, it is important to take stock of the city’s many historic landmarks. In the five years since the third edition of GUIDE TO NEW YORK CITY LANDMARKS published, the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission has added nearly 2,000 buildings to New York City’s outstanding collection of landmarks, either as buildings within new landmark districts or as singular landmark buildings. Those new landmarks are thoroughly described in the GUIDE TO NEW YORK CITY LANDMARKS, Fourth Edition (John Wiley & Sons; December 2008; $32.95) by the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission. New York City is truly a world capital, and the heart of the city’s infrastructure is its landmarks. From the Woolworth Building in lower Manhattan, to the Bronx Zoo, to the Unisphere in Queens, to Prospect Park in Brooklyn, to the Alice Austen House on Staten Island, the 24,000 properties with landmark status define the culture and character of this great metropolis. GUIDE TO NEW YORK CITY LANDMARKS helps readers, either residents of New York or visitors to the metropolis, find every designated landmark and historic district in all five boroughs. Covering approximately 1,200 landmarks, this book is the perfect companion for a walking tour of the city’s landmarks.

This is the only official guide to the landmarks of New York City, filled with information compiled by the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission’s architectural historians and research staff. Completely updated with coverage of new landmarks, 80 two-color, easy-to-read maps, and more than 200 photographs, this new edition will make every visitor feel like a native, and turn every native into a wide-eyed tourist. This revised edition of the GUIDE TO NEW YORK CITY LANDMARKS features:

•Nearly 100 landmarks designated since the book’s previous edition
•Ten new historic districts
•A new focus on neighborhoods with local history
•Details explaining some of the more remarkable buildings in the districts
•A new Foreword by Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg

Once perceived as an obstacle to progress, preservation is now understood to play an integral role in the City’s economy. New York City’s built environment is a stunning achievement, reflecting nearly four centuries of habitation and cooperation. Some, such as Grand Central Terminal and the Greenwich Village Historic District, are known and celebrated around the world. Others may surprise even the most knowledgeable New Yorker; the GUIDE TO NEW YORK CITY LANDMARKS, Fourth Edition is the best way to get acquainted with the rich architectural history and beauty of the world’s greatest city. New York City has so many things to offer and it’s never been more welcoming or more exciting.

The New York Landmarks Preservation Commission is the public agency responsible for identifying and designating local landmarks and historic districts, as well as regulating changes to designated buildings. Established in 1965 in response to the demolition of the original Penn Station, the Commission is comprised of eleven members appointed by the mayor and supported by a professional staff.

Fourth Edition
Published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
Publication date: December 2008
$32.95; Paperback; 464 pages; ISBN: 978-0-470-28963-1

For more information, contact:
Evelyn Perez

(201) 748-6358
Fourth Edition

By The New York Landmarks Preservation Commission

Wiley; December 2008; $32.95
ISBN-13: 978-0-470-28963-1; Paperback
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