Interview with Mike Robbins, author of FOCUS ON THE GOOD STUFF

John C. Havens of BlogTalkRadio interviews Mike Robbins, author of, Focus on The Good Stuff: The Power of Appreciation.

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Focus on the Good Stuff first explores the many challenges involved in expressing and experiencing appreciation and gratitude in our lives. The book then presents readers with simple yet effective ways to exercise the power of appreciation in everyday life. By taking this journey, readers will:

  • Experience the positive impact of appreciation on yourself and those around you
  • Learn how to be grateful for your life—right now
  • Gain insight into using your thoughts, feelings, and words to create circumstances and relationships that you appreciate
  • Consider how to acknowledge other people from your heart
  • Explore appreciating yourself in new and profound ways

Focus on the Good Stuff is filled with action items, ideas, and suggested practices. It is easy to take what you learn in Focus on the Good Stuff and apply it to your life right away.

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About the Author: Mike Robbins

Mike Robbins shows us that it is our ability to feel and express true appreciation—to focus on the good stuff—that leads us to genuine fulfillment in our lives, not the other way around. The art of appreciating our lives goes way beyond simply saying “thank you” or occasionally noticing nice things. True appreciation is about altering the way we relate to ourselves, others, and the world around us. By living our lives in a grateful way, we put ourselves on a path of deep fulfillment and authentic happiness.

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Focus on the Good Stuff: The Power of Appreciation
By Mike Robbins with a foreword by Richard Carlson

Wiley; August 2007; $19.95
978-0-7879-8879-1; Cloth
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